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We are currently registering independent venues in the city of San Francisco. Once registered, we will assign you an ID number and notify you when we begin to accept bills. 

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What makes the Bay Area so unique is it’s diverse group of sub-cultures. We want to make sure every independent venue is safe from closure and can continue to provide a safe haven for every audience. 

We would love to collaborate with performing artists from all walks of life to include live-streams in our Subscribe to Live Patreon Membership monthly rewards. If you would like your upcoming live-stream or exclusive recorded performance included in our program, send us a line. 



Since March 2020, independent live performance venues have been shuttered due to COVID 19.

Now, 14 months later and as each coming month passes,

the danger of permanent closure for many of these venues is a looming reality.

Our independent venue owners will need more than federal, state and city aid to achieve real relief

and keep live performance venues alive. 

That's where IVPI comes in...


IVPI has launched Subscribe To Live, a Patreon campaign allowing the community to contribute a monthly micro-donation that goes directly to pay essential bills for local live performance venues.

Next, the venue in need gets registered in our system and submits the bills they wish to be considered for payment.

The IVPI Review Team will then approve or deny the bill request based on our ESSENTIAL ITEM LIST.


Whena bill is approved, IVPI sends the bill collector a payment on behalf of the venue and IVPI receives PROOF OF PAYMENT,

which IVPI sends to the venue for their records.

Alleviating the business in need of the financial hardship. 


Our goal is to target rent/mortgage payments, liability insurance, utilities, and any essential expenses that puts businesses in risk of closing permanently on a monthly, individual basis. 

We accept bill pay requests dating back from from February 2020 and until venues can open at full capacity,

resuming normal business operations.

The initial and ongoing support of our Patreon Members is needed.

Which is why we selected to partner with Patreon, a platform that allows for an easy, transparent and fun way to achieve this goal. 

Our hope is to create a successful blueprint for cities in need everywhere and keep our independent venues, INDEPENDENT!



IVPI provides financial assistance to independent performance venues in order to aid the preservation of culturally significant businesses through the course of the

COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis. 

We have joined Patreon to launch our crowd funding program, with the additional option to contribute larger monthly amounts through GoFundMe.

Our total Patreon member goal will be established city by city and vary depending on monthly dollar amount needed to meet the financial needs of each participating city. 

Bill submission approval will be granted based on 'essential' qualifying guidelines established by our Advisory and Review Boards. 

Our Review Committee will be comprised of industry experts, financial professionals and program directors to ensure maximum assistance efficiency, and our mission is executed with the highest standards of care.

All financial assistance will be provided free and clear, without obligation of repayment.


We happily seek sponsors, partners, and in-kind contributors.



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