Executive Summary-

IVPI is a not-for-profit organization created to serve the Independent Venue Community.

Independent Venues are brick and mortar businesses who host live performance events. IVPI will provide this community with a debt relief service which in effect eliminates some or most expenses during the COVID-19 Health Department closure mandates. IVPI raises funds through crowd sourcing campaigns, processes debt relief requests and pays debts on behalf of the Independent Venue. By offering this service, it removes a portion or all of the overhead a venue can not pay due to loss of revenue. Because the IVPI is a not-for-profit organization, volunteers are willing to contribute their time to help the organization allowing it to reach it's goals. IVPI exists to support the Independent Venue wellbeing through this global Pandemic crisis. 


A small charge for overhead will allow IVPI to cover costs associated with doing business and allow it to grow. IVPI's objective is to meet monthly membership goals based on the Independent Venue Community needs. Initially, focused on the San Francisco Bay Area. 



The objectives for the first three months of operations include:

-To build an Advisory Board of department experts.

-To partner with a not-for-profit organization for administrative, tax and guidance purposes.

-To form a LLC. and file all necessary legal documents. 

-To increase memberships until monthly dollar amount goals are reached.

-To provide the Independent Venue Community with ongoing debt relief.

-To develop a sustainable, transparent and highly effective organization.



IVPI's mission is to serve the Independent Venue Community. We exist to aid in the survival of brick and mortar live performance business providing an essential service to our community. When we adhere to this maxim, we allow businesses to maintain their active status and re-open when Public Health Mandates lift allowing them to resume regular business activities. 


Organization Summary-

IVPI is an organization designed to serve the San Francisco Bay Area. Starting with the city of San Francisco itself, and servicing Independent Venues in surrounding cities on an as needed basis. Once establishing a blueprint model of success, IVPI can then be introduced to additional cities nationwide, perhaps globally.

The Independent Venue Community is a sector of the Entertainment Industry providing brick and mortar locations to host live performances. The performers that utilize live performance spaces rely on these spaces to earn their livelihoods and create a feeder economy that generates revenue to several surrounding economies. 

IVPI provides a platform that offers a wide range of Member 'perks.' The 'perks' are unlocked when Members subscribe to a monthly plan for a set dollar amount. Membership is required for receiving 'perks.' A minimum amount of $15 is required for the most basic plan. Members will have the option of a mid level amount of $30 and a higher amount of $45. 'Perks' are then distributed based on a monthly schedule. All transactions must be made online through official websites and campaign platforms. Physical 'perks' will be distributed through mail or released digitally. Questions can be received via email or phone (voicemail with a return phone call.)


Legal Entity-

IVPI is a LLC. formed under a 501C not-for-profit organization. Partnering with The Giving Back Fund.


Start Up Summary- Costs (items)

IVPI's start up costs include:

-Legal fees for formation of not-for-profit status including filing fees. $5000 "set up" fee (TGBF), 5% of monthly gross revenue OR $2500 per month, whichever is greater (TGBF). 

New CA Law Waives $800 Fee for New LLCs

Under a budget bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (AB-85 State taxes and charges), businesses who establish a limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP), and limited liability partnership in CA will not have to pay the annual $800 minimum franchise tax fee levied on CA business entities in their first year. The fee waiver applies those business entities formed from 2021 through 2023. The goal is to help and reduce costs for first-year California small businesses.

-Website development. 

-Merch design and 'perk' development. 

-Marketing costs.

-Liability insurance.

-Administrative costs.

-Bill pay fees.


IVPI offers the Independent Venue Community the following service:

-Website featuring digital upload function to submit financial documents.

-Approval/Deny based assessment of requests.

-Fulfilled bill payment processing to collectors.

-Transaction receipt upon completion.


IVPI offers members the following products:

-Website featuring member crowd sourcing stats, faq, transparency information functions.

-Online platform to select membership levels and participation. 

-Membership Level 'perks.'

-Up to date information on progress of their donation based membership as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

-Monthly news blast featuring extras, tbd.


Marketing Analysis Summary-

IVPI is a not-for-profit organization designed to serve the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Venue Community. This community is a part of the entertainment industry, a group of industry professionals who provide live performances for monetary compensation as well as community and cultural benefit. This is a very active and lucrative industry that supplies many adjacent economies with revenue. 

IVPI will grow it's membership through word of mouth promotions through all Independent Venue platforms, crowdsourcing platforms and IVPI marketing/awareness efforts. Because the live performance industry is a community where most people know each other it will be relatively easy to build support to promote membership. In addition to word of mouth advertising, IVPI will also have a website that provides prospective members information about the organization and it's goals.


Marketing Segmentation-

IVPI will be addressing the Independent Venue Community in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Independent Venue community is made up of brick and mortar businesses that legally provide live performances according to the rules and permit offices of The City of San Francisco. 

From a Public Heath standpoint, live performances are currently prohibited in indoor spaces. The vast majority of Independent Venues are completely or partially closed for business. However, Independent Venues retain their followings and marketing presence who are eagerly awaiting news on ways to help sustain their business through this pandemic. Independent Venues also have a large group of performers who also have their own following and marketing ability. Performer's livelihoods rely on Independent Venues to operate. Creating a vast mutual interest in powering marketing efforts through multiple outlets.


Service Providers Analysis-

The live performance industry is a relatively free form industry. As long as the Independent Venue Community allows IVPI to fundraise on their behalf and fulfill debt payment, then the community benefits by the IVPI service model. 


Alternatives and Usage Patterns-

The competition is: similar fundraiser campaigns. These take the form of individual donation based online campaigns by Independent Venue Community members. However, what sets us apart in this market is our unique approach and inclusion for all IV Community members. 

The contribution patterns of members are typically price sensitive. Because members are inundated with options of causes to donate to, we will offer several different price points with a wide range of rotating 'perks.' 


Fundraising Strategy-

IVPI will be aggressively using word of mouth advertising to generate new members. The cost of this is minimal as the members are already present on Independent Venue's and live performers' mailing lists. IVPI also plans to gain the attention of local media outlets, such as television, radio, newsprint, and online community reporting websites and blogs. 

Ongoing member contributions will be monthly reoccurring installments built into the campaign platform. All members will be fully informed and opting in. 


Fundraising Forecast-

The first month will be used to set up the official website. The website will be simple and low cost. The website will be designed to provide general information to the public and detailed membership information regarding fundraising efforts and fulfillment of services provided. Members will be allowed to purchase Membership Plans via the website and 'perks' will be shipped on a monthly basis via mail. 

Month two will see an increase in membership numbers and the start of debt relief fulfillment. The following months will see the continuation of month two with both membership numbers increasing as well as Independent Venue financial document submissions. 



IVPI will have several milestones early on:

-Business plan completion. This will be done as a roadmap for the organization. While we do not need a business plan to begin accepting memberships and debt relief submissions, it will be an indispensable tool for the ongoing performance and improvement of IVPI. 

-Website set up.

-The 100th member signed up.

-The 10th debt relief application processed through competition. 

-1,000 social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Management Summary- 

IVPI is founded and led by Elizabeth Simon. Elizabeth has been involved in the Independent live performance community for over 20 years. She books/promotes under Bourgeois Productions Presents, has worked for several Independent venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, has worked for one of the largest global concert promoters, AEG LIVE. And hosts a weekly radio show on BFF.fm. She is the owner/operator of Revenge Pies, a local food business in San Francisco and is deeply rooted in the lives and well being of the community at large as a resident.

Advisory Board Members-

Elizabeth Simon, Bourgeois Productions Presents

Elizabeth is a Bay Area native who has been involved in the San Francisco independent arts community for 20 years. In 2012, she launched Bourgeois Productions Presents where she booked and produced live music shows for half a decade. In 2016 she joined AEG LIVE where she booked and produced concerts with the team for The Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Elizabeth has produced and hosted over 200 radio episodes of The Life & Times of the Bourgeoisie on Radio Valencia and BFF.fm. All projects under her ‘tongue and cheek’ Bourgeois brand stem from her 2001 original publishing concept Bourgeois Magazine- a newsprint music magazine featuring independent musicians, artists and photographers. 

Over the years, she has worked for several venues and production companies as well as managed and consulted for several bands. 


She is currently the owner and operator of Revenge Pies, a cult pie company in San Francisco and is now the founder of the non-profit organization, Independent Venue Preservation Initiative, providing debt relief to live performance spaces during the COVID-19 crisis. 

She looks forward to launching Backend Certified, a network of tools intended to bolster the local entertainment industry. 


Aside from devoting her time to the health and wellbeing of the independent arts, she loves going for walks through Golden Gate Park with her dog Pete, being an Aunt to her 3 year old twin nieces and singing/playing piano in the privacy of her home in the North Panhandle of San Francisco. 


Jocelyn Kane, Former Executive Director Entertainment Commission 

Jocelyn is the former Executive Director of San Francisco's Entertainment Commission, which was charged with ensuring the health and vitality of indoor and outdoor entertainment venues in the City. Along with daily regulatory concerns, her most important policy work included the first legislative protections for nightlife businesses from new residential and hotel construction in the US, and ongoing improvements to SF Bay Area late night/early morning transit. In addition, she has improved San Francisco’s sound ordinances over the past 10 years to make them easier to understand and implement citywide.


Jocelyn co-produced the San Francisco Nitey Awards, (www.niteyawards.com), an annual awards show which celebrated creative content and outstanding patron experience in San Francisco’s nightlife.

Jocelyn is now working as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Responsible Hospitality Institute (www.rhiweb.org), the leader in nightlife and entertainment district consulting worldwide. 

Michelle Stillman DeBella, VP Finance Strategy- Lyft ($3.6B revenues) 

Technology/Transportation Silicon Valley legends to next generation disruptors 

Relevant Board Experience & Qualifications Board Member | Yandex/Uber Joint Venture 

2018-2019 | Audit Committee Chair Chief Audit Executive | 10+ years reporting to Audit Committee 

HP, Inc. I Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Uber | Lyft 

Certified Public Accountant (Inactive) 


Michelle is a dynamic, transformative, result-oriented leader building world class finance, compliance, governance and business processes for public companies. She uses her seat at the CFO staff table to drive initiatives and projects that have helped industry disrupting platform companies through the IPO journey and into their post-IPO operating world. As the VP of Finance Transformation and Governance at Lyft, Michelle helped the CFO and leadership team build its Finance team and corporate governance strategy for meeting the demands of a high-growth, highly-regulated technology platform company that is expanding internationally. From the ground up, she built and managed an Internal Audit function, an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program office and a Transformation/Business Process Improvement function that launched governance, risk management and process best practices at Lyft. She supported the executive team through the company's 2019 IPO process and supported a major ERP implementation and finance system roadmap, while also building frameworks for finance transformation. Previously, as Uber's Chief Audit Executive, she led culture, governance and engagement efforts in the post #deleteUber world. In addition to expanding the Internal Audit team internationally and building the first ERM program at Uber, she helped the Executive Leadership Team, Legal, Finance and Compliance teams build new governance and reporting structures addressing internal investigations, board reporting and other IPO and SOX-readiness processes in anticipation of the 2019 IPO. She also served as the Audit Committee Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Uber/Yandex joint venture in Russia/CIS. 


Before going to Uber, Ms. DeBella worked as the Chief Audit Executive for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), subsequent to working as the Chief Audit Executive for HP, Inc. at the height of its Fortune 10 status, leading global teams and helping both companies navigate the successful split of the company into two Fortune 100 companies. Coupled with the VP of Enterprise Financial Reporting at HP, Inc. (the assistant controller role), she served 8 years at the two companies, playing a senior leadership role in their Finance transformation, the split of the two companies, and the HPE divestitures. 


Ms. DeBella started her career at Ernst & Young, spending over 15 years in public accounting, including two years in Frankfurt, Germany working with foreign public filers. Ms. DeBella has a Masters in Public Accounting and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration - Management from Truman State University. She is an CPA (inactive), serves on the Board of Governors for the San Jose chapter of the Institute for Internal Auditors, is a member of Advancing Women's Executives, and a public speaker. 


Caroline Thompson, Marketing & Advertising- Impact123

Caroline has 20 plus years of agency experience in media strategy and planning for entertainment and lifestyle accounts. Working with a variety of premium brands across North America, she has developed and managed successful campaigns for long-term clients including Disney Theatrical Productions and Wicked. With over fifteen years of successful partnerships, Caroline works with global media buying firms to secure the best volume rates and added value for clients. Acting as the nucleus, she brings about the benefits of working with a large media buying agency while still providing senior level expertise and individualized attention. Through these relationships, impactful results are achieved and set campaign objectives are met and often exceeded. 


Caroline is a graduate of Mills College with a degree in Communications. She sits on the board of RADAR Productions and is a proud member of The Broadway League. Long-term and project-based clients include Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, APOLLO 11: The Live Immersive Show, Center Theatre Group, Cirque Du Soleil and Lythgoe Family Panto. Partnerships include Omnicom Media Group and Serino Coyne, LLC.


Kristen Trad, Attorney 

Kristen is currently in-house Commercial Counsel at Strava, specializing in business transactions and intellectual property. Prior to joining Strava, she was in-house at Zynga where she also worked on advertising, marketing, and licensing deals. Kristen received her JD/MBA from the University of San Francisco, with an emphasis on IP and international business. 

Kristen also co-chairs the Sports and Entertainment Section of Barristers at the San Francisco Bar Association, coordinating and speaking at continuing education events. In her free time, Kristen enjoys being active and exploring San Francisco by foot, but also focuses on creative projects. She is an amateur baker, experienced knitter, and all-around crafter. She is passionate about the arts, entertainment, beauty, and fashion, and wants to support the growth of local artists.


Jenneviere Villegas, Community Program Manager- Shopify

Jenneviere arrived in San Francisco a decade ago after running Operations for a well known utility kilt company based out of Seattle. Currently, she is the Community Program Manager for Shopify where she advises entrepreneurs on how to best manage and market their online stores, with an emphases on email and social media marketing campaigns. She has managed The Black Hole Bar, staffed entirely with volunteers, and works with local swag vendors to produce custom pieces that ship all over the world for Burning Man. 


In her spare time, she loves to cook, host clothing swaps, and throw brunches and backyard BBQs at her home with her husband in the Excelsior District. Jenneviere is an expert at connecting people, has enjoyed 3 years coaching for the Special Olympics, and with a background in musical theater, has acted in productions on stage and film.


Personnel Plan- 

Elizabeth will be working full time for IVPI. She will perform all aspects of development including recruiting other individuals to fill essential positions. She will develop a Review Board to process, accept or deny debt relief applications. She will also develop an Advisory Board to oversee the flow of operations. 

Web maintenance will be done by one of the team at a below market rate. Or on a voluntary basis.

It is Elizabeth's plan that once she gets up and running that the IVPI becomes a collective effort for as long as it is needed through the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Financial Plan- 


-Members are individuals who have found IVPI through the several different marketing channels outlined in our marketing section. Viewed our official website and followed on to our membership fundraising platform. They have selected a monthly contribution level and are engaged in the program, receiving monthly 'perks' in exchange for their membership. 


-TEAM MEMBERS are volunteers, stipend, or salaried employees of IVPI.


-SPONSORS are entities who have made monetary contributions directly to IVPI in exchange for advertising placement on IVPI's official website and campaign platform. Other advertising opportunities can include but are not limited to: merchandise, promotional materials, etc. 


-DONORS are individuals who have donated monetary amounts in exchange for tax purposes, charity, ect. 


-501C3 PARTNER is an established not-for-profit organization who IVPI will partner with in order to obtain 501C3 status for tax purposes, administrative support and guidance in exchange for a Fiscal Sponsorship Fee ranging from 7-10% of all monies raised.

We have secured The Giving Back Fund to partner with. 

-FUNDRAISING PLATFORM PARTNER (Patreon) is how IVPI will offer memberships, collect monies and promote the campaign in exchange for a monthly percentage ranging from 5-8% of all monies raised plus processing fees. Remaining funds will be moved into IVPI accounts to be used to fulfill approved debt submissions. As well as fund operating costs of IVPI.


-INDEPENDENT VENUE CLIENT is a brick and mortar live performance business who will be submitting financial debt documents for approval through IVPI's official website.


When MEMBERS join through FUNDRAISING PLATFORM PARTNER, credit card transaction is collected, FUNDRAISING PLATFORM PARTNER collects their service percentage fee and any additional CC processing fees. Remaining monies are transferred to IVPI. IVPI retains any administrative costs including 501C3 fee. Remaining funds are then used to complete approved debt submissions to vendors on behalf of INDEPENDENT VENUE CLIENT. 

IF all debt submissions are fulfilled for the month, IVPI may seek to approve any/all submissions that fall outside IVPI APPROVAL GUIDELINES, ie. Independent Venues that are located outside of our intended client range. ie. East Bay, South Bay, North Bay.



IVPI intends to service the aprox. 30+ Independent Venues located in the city of San Francisco. It is estimated, that in order for each Venue to maintain active business status, they must each cover aprox. 35k per month. This figure includes expenses such as: Rent or Mortgage payments, Property/Liability Insurance, various Utilities. They may also incur fees associated to: Healthcare Insurance, Payroll, etc. IVPI intends to address ESSENTIAL EXPENSES, as defined: Expenses in which if not payed endangers the business due to closure. The Venue agrees to participate in any relief negotiations with the debt collector prior to requesting aid. IVPI will require the Venue to complete a short questionnaire to verify all measures have been taken prior to requesting debt relief. 

$35,000 x 30 Independent Venues = $1,050,000 gross funds needed per month.

Crowd sourcing Membership Levels can range from $15 per month per member to $45 on a basic 'perk' level.

70,000 Members would be needed, paying at the most basic lowest level of $15 per month.

50,000 Members would be needed, paying at the most basic mid level of $30 per month.

23,334 Members would be needed, paying at the highest most basic level of $45 per month.  

*Pricing is based on the average cost of a concert ticket price.


Fundraising Platform Partner (Patreon) will collect 5-8% of all monies raised. $52,500 (@5%) - $84,000 (@8%)

PLUS transaction fees. 


Leaving IVPI with (@5%) $997,500 per month and (@8%) $966,000


501C3 Partner then will collect 5% of all monies collected. $49,875 (@5%)



Leaving IVPI with (@5% from Fundraising Platform Partner) + (@5% from 501C3) 




With (8% from Fundraising Platform Partner) + (% from 501C3) 



Low End distribution totals range from $31,587 available to distribute to each Independent Venue Client.

High End distribution totals range from $30,537 available to distribute to each Independent Venue Client. 


Monthly Independent Venue Clients needs range from 25k - 50k per month, depending on individual circumstances. 

These totals do not include administrative costs of IVPI or any additional expenses associated with the program.


Concluding, at a glance, even at the most basic level with proper management, IVPI can succeed in it's mission of providing significant debt relief on a case by case basis to the Independent Venue Community. One month at a time until this crisis is over.